Friday, 8 November 2013

Squared Online Digital Marketing Revolution

We are Squared Empowering Tomorrow's Digital Revolution

Wearesquared is a platform for present and future digital revolution offering Digital Marketing empowerment. A course designed by Google, implemented by Home Learning college and endorsed by the (IPA) - Institute of Practioners In Advertising. It  is another big storm blowing in the Western hemisphere. Participants that are successful will graduate with a level 6-7 qualification that is a Post graduate certificate in Digital Marketing.
I owe myself a bottle of Remy Martins. Why? I am part of this storm and the experience is immediately becoming practically overwhelming with a bag of knowledge and hard work. Knowledge is strength and strength is wealth.

Digital Marketing Induction Day

With 197 graduate participants from all parts of the world with different backgrounds and experiences from all works of life, it is as interesting as intimidating though with a lot fun and a wonderful experience worth its weight.

Chris Perks, the lead tutor handled the induction with skill and style while being assisted by Aiden Caroll (Senior Tutor). We got introduce to what the course is about, what to expect and the way forward. Basically this journey is geared towards empowering today's and tomorrow's leaders to drive the industry revolution based on the facts that; digital has become a way of life if and when one considers their day to day lifestyles and digitally connected activities.

It is quite true. Almost everyone in UK and the developed world uses a mobile phone, Ipad, Laptop, Computer, etc. As the world is gradually embracing digital technology, businesses and industries are simultaneous changing their marketing strategies from traditional and concentrating most of their resources into digital marketing. It is quite clear and very feasible.

Millions if not billions of people around the world  have dived in to social media communication as much as portable digital technology. People are using their mobiles, ipads and tablets to check emails, watch videos or movies, play music, texting, search the internet, play games, watch TV and much more but on the move.

Some of the great points from the induction were teamwork and collaboration as it is a tool that enables the flow of information and knowledge. It felt some how absurd to learn that; the course is not about training SEO gurus, social media moguls or Adwords specialist but that its primordial objective is the training participants to gain a broader knowledge, deeper understanding of how various digital disciplines work together to form an integrated strategy. The reason being that; if one is a specialist in a particular sector, it then becomes practically difficult to add enough value when working in a team. Therefore having a broader and diversified picture of digital before specializing in one or more areas makes collaborating in a team very effective and goals achieved.

What Is Digital Marketing?
Based on my personal understanding; Digital marketing is the art of marketing your products and services to where there are its customers with the aim of strategically and methodically selling in way that makes the buyer happy irrespective of cost.

Chris Perks made it very clear, there is no recommended meaning of Digital Marketing. Scholars and business experts look it digital marketing from different angles and perspectives. This is because what might work in Mr. Google's favour will not necessarily work in Mr. Yahoo's favour. In other words, this implies that, to succeed in digital marketing, A/B and A.B,C testing is the only way forward to success.
Therefore my definition is also right.

What Do I Expect From The Course?
A broader understanding of digital marketing and its practical execution.