Friday, 8 November 2013

Link Building Rambling

Building In Bound Links To Optimize Your Website's Ranking

Building links for your website can become a nuisance and daunting activity and even create a disaster when done wrongly.

We all know and agree that; link building is one of the significant Search engine optimization factors but how should one go about building ethical links that will eventually pass on the expected juice?

Link building has an enormous challenge that requires a set of skills arising from different fields and backgrounds. One will probably require copy writing talent comparable to that of a journalist, produce videos like a pro, build relationships like dating guru and most of all, create content that is unique and worth linking to by others.

Right, there are enormous and important factors to take into account when building links to effect a websites search rankings. Let me put it this way to some of us that are "Google squared" digital marketers to-be. During the induction day, one of the most important part of the course was made mentioned as team work. Team work is link building. With team work and collaboration we are far more better at what we can execute and achieve than when we operate individually.

Let's look at how successfully we can strategically build back links that can significantly impact the growth of websites and online businesses while achieving good rankings in today's search engine. However, it is worthwhile to note that; there is no specific formula for building inbound links as the process depends on the type and nature of the website's activity(ies), service(s) and or product(s).

Let's get started. When building links to your website there are a couple of things that need attention which includes but not limited to; Link Velocity, Link Authority, Link Volume, Link anchor-text and whether the site in particular offers "no link follow restrictions" or " Allow to follow"
  1. Register and submit your website to major and second-tier directories. Majority of these directories offer paid inclusions. It is a good idea to register with at least seven and more of these directories depending on your financial portfolio and make sure your website is submitted to the correct taxonomy or category that is relevant to to your website. Some directories that i recommend are DMOZ,, Yahoo, Directory Journal, JoeAntGimpsy, Best of the web,,,,,,,, Starting Point Directory and much more.
  2. Make sure your website has something that internet users and as well as webmasters within your niche will be interested in liking to.
  3. Using your network contacts, try and get links from and .edu as much as your strength and networks extend.
  4. Write and publish press releases with links to your website
  5. Sponsor charities, websites and blogs with common grounds
  6. If you can afford, spend your money and offer something for free. 
  7. Comment on blogs, forums and other websites with relevancy and valuable topics on subjects you are very conversant with.
  8.  Offer article syndication
  9. Bookmarking and site submission
  10. Create content on Squidoo and Hubpages etc
  11. Use social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Digg, Reddit, Metacafe,Technorati, Propeller, Scribd, Linkedin, Youtube, etc
  12. Advertise job offers
  13. Write a free beginners guide
  14. Offer contest and competitions
  15. Etc etc
This is not an exhaustive list as link building is all about creativity. Next time, we shall look at various tools for link building and SEO analysis.
I hope this post does make sense. If so why not link back and or ask me a question. I will endeavor to respond to every question within one week due to the fact that, I need to get my Google Squared assignment on time.